Oh Linux, never willI forget you!

Other than my men’s barber profession, Linux is starting to become a passion as I find a new world so to speak in which I express myself. Windows has always been annoying, never been happy with it no matter what version I was using. Slow, faulty and too sugarcoated, I find Windows a pain to use and by starting to learn about Linux I am making a lot of sense out of stuff that with windows was assumed.

I have always been someone who preferred to get at the root of an issue, just like I have done through my barber career, any time a new trendy men’s hairstyle became mainstream, I would analyze it, evaluate the actual haircut and styling options and then see how it fitted to the barbershop customer requesting such hairstyle. Well, with Linux I find myself been able to analyze, evaluate and then make decisions like no other program has allowed me to!