Men’s Shaving tips

Some tips on male shaving and after shaves for men

Shaving your facial hair can be a very enjoyable experience. I have men come in to my barbershop at 7 AM sharp ready to get their equally sharp shave. We use straight razors and old-school shaving soap made from the fat of wild deer, I have found the fat of this animal to be superior to the fat of other animals when it comes to making shaving soap. As for myself and how I shave, you can check the more personal side of my site in this personal barber style section!

Never rush your shaving in the morning

This takes a bit of working around your schedule as you need to dedicate a 15 good minutes to getting the perfect shave. Use the time that you take to shave your facial hair to think about what you’re going to be doing for the day, your plan of the day so to speak. Just like a warm shower does, the facial hair shaving is a time of enjoyment and even pleasure. Always take your time, avoid any rushing at all costs.

Use high quality materials for your shaving and facial grooming

Don’t use cartridge razors, those were made precisely for those men who rushed their shaving in the morning!! Straight razors are beautiful tools that will give you the closest shave out of all possible men’s shaving tools such as electric shavers and cartridge razors. For your soap, try to use an original pre-1950s-style soap that is made out of animal fat and traditionally made, with as little ingredients used as possible and with the only fragrance being used being that which comes from natural sources such as peppermint or tobacco (the plant).

A straight razor looks like this:

A picture of a striaght razor.

Use a good after shave to finish off your shaving

An after shave should be seen as part of your facial grooming and as part of your facial skin’s health. A good after shave should always itch slightly when applied for the first 10 seconds but then the itch should go. The after shave should never make your skin irritated, which you should be able to see (that your skin is irritated) as it becomes red and hard to the touch. Lastly, the after shave should provide a mild nice fragrance but nothing that is too “in your face” and that masks your male cologne.