Your own haircut vs. Going to the Barbershop

Giving yourself a haircut versus going to the barbershop and having the barber give you a haircut

There are pros and cons to giving yourself haircuts, the same way that there are pros and cons to simply going to the barbershop to have the barber give you a barber, there’s absolutely no doubt about what each option can offer.

Gareh Bale with an undercut hairstyle.

Giving yourself a haircut is a matter of being open to new haircuts and hairstyles and is also a matter of owing a good hair clipper and a good set of barber shears. On the other hand, going to the barber to get a haircut is a matter of knowing exactly what you want for your hair and being ready to shop for the right barber. Knowing what you want as a masculine style for your hair can be as simple as reading about cool men’s hairstyles and haircuts (like the ones in this link just now posted, from the famous Manly Curls website of Rogelio) and asking lots of questions both before going to the barbershop and also while you’re at the barbershop before the barber grabs his hair clipper or shears.

Let me give you my own insight on what I consider (myself being a professional barber owning a barbershop) to be the right factors when it comes to either cutting your own hair or visiting a barber to get your hair cut.

Giving yourself a haircut with your own hair clipper and barber shears

First of all, cutting your own hair should only be reserved for those who have some experience with the hair clipper. While you don’t need to have experience buzzing your own hair, you do certainly need to have experience buzzing the hair of others with a hair clipper, it can be friends, brothers, your father, uncles or any stranger who is up for a free haircut!

Why must you have practice first cutting others’ hair before cutting your own hair? Well it’s very simple, there’s a skill component needed when using a hair clipper that you can only learn from having passed a clipper through the scalp of others: how the hair clipper buzzes smoothly through the scalp’s skin and how the little technicalities of the hair clipper end up working like can all be learned only with experience. This is a barber tool, not a toy kids! Also, shears are not easy to use and you do need some previous experience cutting other people’s hair.

Cutting your own hair requires being open to changing your choice of haircut on the go too. Since the first couple of times that you try cutting your own hair you’re bound to fail, it goes without saying that you need to be able to change your hairstyle plan in the last minute as you have to buzz more hair than you expected or cut more hair because you screwed up one side. Whatever you do, go in with an experimental mindset until you start mastering the art of giving haircuts.

Going to the barbershop to get your haircut

Going to see a barber to have your hair cut by him is the more practical option. Barbers and hairdressers have to go through rigorous training in schools and academies to be able to master cutting the hair of others so you ensure that by going to a barbershop or a hair salon, you’ll be getting a good enough haircut. That’s why when you go to either of these hair professional establishments, you must go with a clear picture of what you want done in your hair, from the actual haircut to the final hairstyle to shape the hair.

I recommend you to browse the internet looking for your favorite actors or singers and printing out pictures of them with good hairstyles. Take two or three pictures with similar hairstyles so that when you go to the barber, you can then tell him exactly what you want done but also state what is the haircut range that you will find acceptable (remember that a same hairstyle won’t look the same on you as on the celebrity whom you are emulating the hairstyle from!).

By the same token as above, you must research the hair professional whom you will be trusting your mane to. Not only do you want to discard and avoid the bad barbers but you also want to build a relationship with your barber so you get better and better haircuts every time you go into the barbershop.

Giving yourself a haircut versus going to a barbershop

It really is up to you and according to your hair preferences. Long term, I would recommend you to know how to cut your hair and only go to the barber for very specific haircuts you may want to get. Short term and if you’re in a hurry, then going to the barbershop to get a cool men’s haircut like the one of that “famous guy” whom you think has a cool haircut is definitively the way to go forward. In the meantime, read as much as you can on haircuts, hairstyles, hair clippers and other hair-related stuff so you get better and better hair as time goes by!

Take care. Simon.